Brenny Specialized, Inc. – Driver Testimonials

    • “I knew Joyce when she was the GM for another trucking firm. Todd and Joyce are both truckers and they know the business! I wouldn’t drive any place else, I trust these two and the business they have built. I don’t worry about my loads they always make things happen! Todd and Joyce have hired the best driver dispatchers in the business, most have even drove! They understand trucking!”
      — Jeff, OO since 1998
    • “Todd Brenny’s dad used to drive for me many years ago- It felt right to drive for Todd and Joyce- I have been an owner op for Brenny since 2001! The Brennys know trucking and they respect drivers!”
      — Joe
    • “Brenny is a GREAT place to work! Thanks again for taking the chance to let me work for you.”
      — John
    • “What Brenny tells you is the way it is, a very good thing for a trucking company since a lot of other places tell you what you want to hear. There is no hidden agenda here.”
      — Dean
    • “Working at Brenny is unbelievable! Brenny Specialized dispatch, shop and customers are true Grand Champions and do things correctly. If you think the grass is greener on the other side, it’s artificial turf. Everyone is very positive and pleasant to work with, and I always look forward to calling in to speak with dispatch.”
      — Dan
    • “I like working here for the plain and simple reason: they treat me like family. From the first time in the office until now. The biggest thing that keeps me here is the importance of safety.”
      — Robert
    • “The money is better here. I like the smaller office where I can see everyone and people are always available to talk to. Love the owners. The shop does a heck of a job with keeping everything going.”
      — Dennis
    • “I’ve been at Brenny since 2007 because the people here actually care about our drivers. We have a pleasant, positive atmosphere.”
      — Randy

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