The Journey

Brenny was founded because Joyce and Todd Brenny wanted to be part of a company that treated people with integrity and respect, a company which honored champion character and empowered creativity.

Joyce and Todd spent many years working in transportation, rarely under positive circumstances. One day in 1995 Joyce informed Todd that she needed to make a change. Joyce thought about going back to school and actually changing her career. Joyce only wanted to remain in trucking if things would be different, things would need to be done the Champion way! Joyce felt the only way this could be accomplished would be to start her own transportation company. Todd was supportive of her decision and in 1996 Joyce and Todd founded Brenny Transportation, Inc.

Todd and Joyce met in 1994 while both were employed at the same transportation firm. Joyce was employed as the general manager and Todd was employed as an over the road driver. Brenny’s current General Manager, Bonnie Supan, also worked with Todd and Joyce as an administrative assistant.

Joyce’s career in transportation began in 1980 and Todd’s began in 1988- collectively they have over 50 years of transportation experience. When you include Operations Manager, Bonnie Supan you have over 60 years of transportation knowledge and experience leading Brenny, experience you can count on.

Brenny’s inception into the trucking world began in a very humble way, a small rented office in Waite Park, MN, three employees and the power of a big idea. Joyce and Todd wanted to show the trucking world that providing Grand Champion Customer Service in an honest and ethical manner can lead to success. Brenny’s growth has been adaptable to the needs of their customers. Brenny has grown because of their superior respect for customer’s needs, as well as honoring the hard work and dedication of their Champion team members. Customers never question if Brenny cares about their shipping needs, they know that Brenny cares!

Since founding Brenny Transportation, Inc. in 1996 Joyce and Todd have added three divisions to the company: Brenny Specialized, Inc., Brenny Global and Brenny’s National agent division. Brenny has embraced many exciting transportation opportunities since 1996 and are looking forward to many more in the future!

Brenny stays involved with all aspects of the transportation industry and gains continued knowledge by having Joyce serve on the board of directors of the Minnesota Trucking Association and TIA P3 Governing board. Knowledge is wisdom and Brenny believes we must seek out the knowledge which is necessary to run a wise and successful business.

You could say Joyce and Todd are trucking experts; there are many trucking firms run by managers who have never even seen the inside of a truck. Todd and Joyce both started their careers in transportation behind the wheel of a truck and between the two of them they have preformed most duties involved in the transportation industry. This expanded knowledge of transportation has helped Brenny secure a stable place in the trucking industry. Brenny will be handling customer’s transportation needs far into the future.

We are happy that you have taken the time to learn more about Brenny. If you are considering shipping with Brenny or becoming a team member of Brenny, you have Joyce and Todd’s personal guarantee that you will find Brenny a different company, a Grand Champion company, run by a Grand Champion Team of committed transportation professionals. Champions always win, and you are sure to win when you partner with Brenny for your shipping needs.

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